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    Southern Counties Gas Triggs Street Facility FOUND!

    4900 Triggs, in the city of Los Angeles is the address.

    Thanks to friend of Gastorical Gene Robinson for the discovery. You can still see where the logo was inset into the front of the building. Little is known about this facility except training was performed there at least for the Customer Service ranks and it contained a pipe yard where steel was coated prior to installation. We would love to hear from anyone who has information about this once iconic facility from our past. As always pictures of things like this it in "its day" are a GREAT treat for all.

    UPDATE - Thanks to friend of Gastorical Ralph Brookins for filling in some details on the Triggs Street facility. It appears Triggs performed most "if not all" of the same functions as its counterpart in the Southern California Gas Companies Pico Rivera Facility. Purchasing, stores, automotive staff, Shops, meter repair, welders testing, special training among others were all at Triggs. It's not hard figure out what happened to the facility after the Cal & Counties merger in 1970.

    UPDATE - According to a VERY reliable source we now know that this building served as the headquarters for Southern Counties Gas up till the new 13 story building was built in downtown Los Angeles at 8th and Flower in 1960. 

    UPDATE - Thanks to one of Steve Rawski's Southern Counties Gas News editions (Jan - Feb 1948) we now know lots more about this facility like it was built in 1947 and was not originally called "Triggs" since the street name prior to the 5 freeway being built was Anaheim-Telegraph Road. See article and image below for all the new information.

    The two images below are from the January - February 1948 edition of Southern Counties Gas News Illustrated Supplement. Above is an animated image that shows information on the Triggs facility location in history. The red arrow indicates where the Triggs facility is located.

     A current view of the building is seen below.