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    Thanks to Friends of Gastorical Rex Reece & Julia Lockhart for bringing us this fun little booklet about handling escaping gas. There is no date on it but as Rex points out, it talks about the dangers of using hand lanterns around escaping gas so this would likely be from prior to the 50's. The drawing of a car would support this theory as well.

    Circa 1958 - This is the successor to 1940 edition of the same Counties handbook below. Thanks again to friend of Gastorical Hank Stoltenberg for sharing this booklet.



    Thanks to friend of Gastorical Hank Stoltenberg for sharing these two safety awards from Orange County Division in the 1980's


     This is a wonderful edition of "Safety Highlights" from March of 1939. Thanks go out to friend of Gastorical Paul Wilson for sending this in for display. I for one would love to see more of these publications on Gastorical in the future. Sadly this is the only one we currently have.


    Circa 1940, this Southern Counties safety handbook has some very interesting passages in it. My favorite is section 622 that while not affixing the current label to it talks about the circle of safety. Hmm, a good idea even in 1940!!!