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    Above, Ed Price checks one of the gas lamps he helped sell for this tract in Lomita while James Ruiz goes over the plans with the building contractor below. You can still see the small excavation where the lamp is connected to a gas line at Ed's feet. $30,900 to $34,900 was probably a nice chunk of change at this point in time but most of our cars cost more than that in 2012!

         Gas lamps were an important item in Marketing during the time of the Balanced Power inicitive in the mid to late 1960's.       The images above are from "Lomita Woods" which was a small new business tract in the South Bay area. In particular above is 2331 Adamo Lane Click the link in this address to see what it looks like today.




                  This is what is now know as the South Bay Galleria Mall and is next to the 182nd Street base in Redondo Beach.              This image and the one below are from the same marketing event Circa late 1960's.


     Gas air conditioning was a huge priority for the Marketing department in this time frame.


     Gas Air Conditioning champs (South West Division) 1963 to 1966.

    Gas Air Conditioning champs (South East Division) 1967.