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    The image above and the five below it are a glimpse of what the La Jolla Street base looked like upon its completin in 1972. We have friends of Gastorical Don Goldsberry and Eleanor Candler to thank for sharing these "and many more" wonderful shots with us. In this view is the original entrance to the building as it looked when it was new. This side of the building has been heavily modified over time and looks considerably different now. Take a look at the 2011 group photo to see some of the changes. The entire front of the building is now inside as a full length hallway was added in later years as well as a large room in front of the store room on the West end of the building.


    This was shot from Kreamer looking Westward. The base was almost the only thing on La Jolla Street at this point.


    This view is from the back of the yard "about where my crew truck sits now" looking Northward. We can see where all the quick fill posts that no longer exist were in 1972. 


    This view of the "ready room" is looking North / East before the Meter Reading department was placed along that back "white" wall many years later. The indented corner where the candy and coffee machines are in this image is now a walled in communications room.


    This view of the "ready room" is looking South / East and as you might expect looks substantially different 42 years later. The door on the South "white" wall leads outside of the building as there was no hallway present as there is today. Today there is no door on the East "rust colored" wall but in 1972 that would have led to the supervisors offices as shown in the image below.



    In this view we see the supervisors office prior to having cubicles as is standard now. In the back on the left is what is now Joe Carton's "the DOM's"office and on the right is the FOS I's office. Of course we dont see any computers because everyone has their laptop with them in the field. I suppose there were no docking stations for them in 1972 ;-)