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    Gastorical iPhone 4 & 4s (iOS4.x & 5.x) Backgrounds

    These backgrounds take advantage of the new iPhones retina display and are 4 times the resolution of the backgrounds for the 3G phones. There are also numerous new designs so have fun.

     Select an iPhone background you like from below and click on it. To download the background image that comes up when you click on the thumbnails below, right click on it and select "Save Image as" from the resulting menu. You will then be prompted for a location to save your background to on your computer. I suggest saving to the Desktop so it's easy to find. Once saved to your computer the easiest way to get it on your iPhone is to e-mail it to yourself and open that e-mail from your iPhone. Another way to do this is simply navigate to this web page using your iPhone. When a background image comes up from clicking the thumbnails below just save it to your iPhone and then set it as the background from your "Photos" application. Saved images go to the "Camera Roll" album by default.