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    A couple of shots of The Gas Company in action during the 1971 San Fernando "Also known as Sylmar" earthquake. On the back wall of the radio van image above there is a list of crews working in the affected area with assigned radio call numbers. My father "George Lawson" who was a Crew Leader at the time and worked this emergency is listed at the bottom of the first column. Pictured in this image is Harry Sullivan, Jim McPherson, and Frank Frizell.


    CB Monson at the back of his Customer service truck in what would appear to be the early 1950's

    1949 Distribution crew truck on display. A couple of interesting tidbits here are the D4 as opposed to D5 drilling machines we have used forever now. Also the prop shown with what I assume is a #1 stopping machine mounted looks like ones we use in training today. I would be willing to bet we have that exact one at Pico out in situation city right now.

    Complete with original Southern California Gas Company logo on the bin behind the air compressor. 


    Most Employees know we had a HQ on 8th and Flower Streets from 1937 to 1991 when we moved to the current Gas Tower on 5th Street. The animated image below shows The Southern California Gas Companies Original HQ at 950 S/Broadway. This building was always adorned with our logo and refreshed every time it was modified to add stars and eventually the 1867 date on the bottom. The building at 8th. and Flower was built by The Los Angeles Gas & Electric Company in 1924 but when the two companies merged we moved all operations out of this building on Broadway to the more modern building on Flower Street.



    A guide for new employees circa 1964


     Unknown payment office in the 1940's. Yes, we used to sell gas appliances also.


    Circa 1935, this 3 dimensional metal wall plaque was commonplace in and on Southern California Gas Company offices and buildings. The stars below the gas holder denote 5 years of service each starting from 1910 when our company was founded. The plaque below measures 8 inches in diameter and was of the size that would be displayed in an office or on regulator station control boxes in the system. There were much larger ones of these made for the outsides of buildings. Multiple examples of these larger variates can be seen in this photograph from a Gas News edition of 1938. The plaque in the picture from Hermosa Beach is still hanging on the building even though it is no longer owned by the company.

    UPDATE - Added the 1940's version of the same plaque "on the right" with the updated logo design. Several things prompted the refreshed logo design including the merging of Los Angeles Gas & Electric company into the Southern California Gas Companies system, no room to place more stars below the gas holder to denote another 5 years of service, and the fact that In the 40's smog became an issue in Los Angeles and the smoke stacks in the original logo no longer reflected our commitment to the environment. In lieu of stars the date of 1867 was used which is when our predecessor company, and very first gas company "Los Angeles Gas" was created in Los Angeles.



    Southwest Division - 1964


    A VERY early So Cal Gas scene that is undated but likely from our fledgling days. This image is from a new business main installation job where they were about to lay what appears to be 6" steel. The actual photo was professionally crafted in its day and more than likely hung in a prominent office. Possibly our headquarters prior to Flower Street which was at 950 South Broadway in Los Angeles. Who has seen this image in the company and can tell us more about it???


    An early So Cal Gas scene taken in front of our gas holders at the Santa Fe base in 1922. The Santa Fe base at 10th street "renamed Olympic Blvd. in 1932 in commemoration of the Los Angeles hosted Olympic games" and Santa Fe was originally built in 1907 by a competitor to the Los Angeles Gas & Electric Company named "City Gas". This short lived company eventually renamed "Domestic Gas" was one of the building blocks used to create the Southern California Gas Company in 1910. The old Santa Fe base is what we currently know as the Olympic base in Los Angeles. Click on the image below for a larger view and you can see our name painted on the roof line of the fourth truck back from the front.


    This would appear to have been a supervisor of his time in front of his "company car".


    Probably one of the first So Cal Gas crew trucks circa early 1920's.




    Thanks go out to friends of Gastorical Dave White & Dave Smith for another beautiful panoramic shot. This time it's the 4th. annual Southern California Gas Company picnic (1923) held in Eagle Rock. This was just 6 years before we would join Los Angeles Gas & Electric, Southern Counties Gas, and Santa Maria Gas in becoming part of the Pacific Lighting group of companies. The actual print  measures nearly 34 inches long.

    As always, click the image below for a larger view then click the resulting image for an even larger view. Since this is such a huge print to start with, if you would like the largest view click here for the full size image with all the fine details it holds.