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    History Document


     The check below was issued just 13 years into our history and was signed by none other than Charles Simpkins


    Very first gas bills

    Circa 1870's. There are some pretty harsh warnings in the terms section of this bill and it's interesting how it only addresses lighting. At this point in time illumination was basically the only game in town for gas. As Electricity took over the lighting market in the 1880's we found new uses for gas in order to stay in business.


    Commemorative Plaque in "The Plaza"

    The plaque below is still in place at the entrance to Olveria Street on the edge of the plaza. The plaques wording eludes to the accomplishments of our predecessor "The Los Angeles Gas Company" but stops short of using its name. It also states that it commemorates the 100th. anniversary of the first gas service In Southern California but in reality, June 28th. 1867 is when the little company was founded. The gas plant, holders, mains, and services still had to be constructed at that point so the gas didn't actually flow into the mains until November 30th. of the same year.


     Map of "The Plaza" & supporting images


    Notice the two small Gas Holders at the bottom middle of the images below, this was the gas works facility. Also noticable in the frame is the famous Pico House and actual Plaza area to the left of that. Not seen in the frame is Olveria street just north of the Plaza "left side of this image".


    For some perspective this image shows the relation of the Gas Works to Pico House and the actual Plaza area.


    Another somewhat earlier shot, probably taken in 1871 or 1872.