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    The historical world we think of as black and white was as colorful as ours is today.

    Prior to this extremely rare LAG&E patch, circa early 1920's being discovered, no one alive is likely to have known that one of the very first logos in our companies history was as beautiful and colorful as it really was.



    These are very rare employee badges for sure. One day when we find the badge from the Customer Service guy that was on the team we will update this image. Not sure about the differences in finish on these but it could be that they were from different era's in Los Angeles Gas & Electric's 33 year "Co. & Corp." history. These are fairly large badges and were probably worn on hats.


    These sterling silver badges were issued by the City of Los Angeles Board of Fire Commissioners. These large "approximately 2 inches tall", beautiful badges were used to officially get inside fire lines to access Gas Facilities in emergencies. Los Angeles Gas Corporation, or more accurately "Los Angeles Gas & Electric Corporation" was a predecessor of sorts to The Southern California Gas Company. Technically there was never an L.A. Gas Corp. and there are a couple of theories as to why the city of Los Angeles chose this wording for these badges but we know positively that this badge had it's origins in LAG&E as it's original owner was an employee of that company. 

    This beautiful pin was entrusted to me for safe keeping by a very special and inspirational friend in my own career at the Gas Company, Nancy Day. This gorgeous item is a 10 year service recognition award pin. The meaning of the letters "OG" on the sides of the torch in this pin stand for Old Guard". Each star below the torch represents 5 years of service.