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    Thank you for visiting Gastorical.

    This site was developed as a means to share personal historical items and information that have been acquired through the lives and careers of a few.

    While we will plan on having some giveaways from time to time, this site is not an avenue for purchase or sales of anything; it’s simply for documentary purposes and the enjoyment of those who visit and participate. Gastorical is, and will always be a completely non profit entity as it is wholly powered & paid for with passion.

    Gastorical is not sponsored by, or associated with any of the Sempra Utilities Companies. The intent of this site is not to represent any particular company or associated union at all. For this reason the site will never offer any commentary for promotion or degradation whatsoever.

    We hope you find your visit to this site a pleasant, enjoyable, and a fun experience of memory and possibly learning.

    Check back regularly as we will be adding content continually. If you would like to be notified when new content is posted via e-mail we would love to add you to our distribution list. Use the "Contact Us" form to the lower right of any page to sign up.

    Thanks again for visiting Gastorical.