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    Welcome to the new home for all things historical with regard to our credit unions. Thanks to friend of Gastorical Lynn Bowers we have a significant amount of historical material to bring you over time as we piece the story together.

    Briefly, we know that the credit unions were established in 1954 for Southern California Gas & 1955 for Southern Counties Gas as separate entities. Eventually the merger of the two gas companies in 1970 brought the same fate to the credit unions and The GasCo Credit Union was formed. Many changes have transpired over the years and we are now served by the NuVision Federal Credit Union. Over time this will be where we tell the story starting with the logo below originally from The Southern Counties Gas Company Credit Union. 

    Please welcome "Sammy SoCo" to start things off.


    Below is the Second Annual report of the Southern Counties Gas (SOCO) Credit Union Circa 1955

    This was originally a tri-fold document as evidenced by the score marks between the pages