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    Your hosts here on Gastorical are:

    Eric Lawson & Lloyd Freeman


    With special thanks to:

    "The Gastorical Creative Team" 

    Mike Connors, Joe Carton, & Tony Cantarini

    For their friendship, guidance & contributions in helping make this project a reality.


    And if not for our growing family of participants,

    this site wouldn't be nearly as rich as it is.

    Particularly noteworthy are the following very gracious

    major contributors to Gastorical.

     "In alphabetical order"

    Mike Ciani

    Darlene Corey

    Nancy Day

    Sid Gally

    Joe Montenegro

    Don Parnell

    Steve Rawski

    James Ruiz

    Mary Jean Salcido

    Dan Shea

    Bob Zaricor